Locomotive Service Centers

The cost justification to upgrade an outdated Locomotive Service Center is always based on a return for your investment. How can a locomotive get in and out of the Service Center faster?

  • Clutter free and unobstructed walking and work areas with conveniently stored materials and readily accessible servicing equipment.
  • Safe, efficient, low maintenance, high capacity fueling, sanding, lube, water, vacuum, and waste elimination systems.

Consistent on-time performance is a key to a satisfied customer. To measure on-time performance in minutes instead of hours requires all delivery systems to operate with minimum downtime. The Locomotive Service Center is the start of the delivery stream and the reliability of your Service Center is dependent upon both equipment and personnel. Allow CWI to work with you in designing the most efficient Service Center possible by improving uptime and most important, positively affecting your on-time performance.

Generally, upon evaluation, it is not any individual item that causes lag time to increase unnecessarily, but the cumulative effect of numerous opportunities for improvement. If your Service Center could process a locomotive 20 minutes faster what would that do for on-time performance? How small would the ROI be to upgrade? CWI can help you find the answers to these questions and provide time proven designs, equipment and installation solutions.