Vacuum Systems

Vacuuming out a locomotive cab, how hard is that? When the vacuum hose is on ground and you are on the locomotive or when you turn on the vacuum and there is little suction it becomes very difficult. Vacuuming is a simple process with correctly specified and installed equipment. Have you ever had an engineer refuse a locomotive because it was not clean? Who would think that something as simple as vacuuming can play an important role in your on-time performance?

CWI offers many time tested solutions to such a simple yet important problem. Consider CWI's centralized vacuum system with well engineered supply piping so each drop delivers consistent and abundant suction. With an on/off station at each hose drop and an elevated hose reel mounted on a self-centering jib arm at each hose drop, the maintenance operatorís efforts are greatly minimized.

Let CWI introduce you to the many features of our centralized vacuum system and I am certain you will see that it is just another great solution that proves cost justifiable for many reasons. Why not let CWI provide a full turnkey solution and provide you a 100% guarantee that your centralized vacuum requirements are met or exceeded? We will gladly present you with a free written site assessment with solutions to correct your existing installs, or a proposed design for your new installations. All of your vacuum solutions are truly just a phone call away.