Have you ever gotten the call that one of your Service Centers cannot service locomotives because the sand system has failed and it appears to be a major failure? It could be down for weeks. How about a ruptured or plugged yard air line somewhere underground and the ground has been frozen for months. What are you going do to get your yard up and operational again? You’re going to do whatever is necessary.

CWI has solutions for the times you have immediate and long term needs for sand or air. If we cannot resolve your service problems CWI can get temporary systems onsite quickly to keep locomotives moving through your yard.

Air Compressors

CWI has several options when either short term or long term compressed air becomes a necessity. We have compressors ranging from 7.5hp to 40hp, in enclosures or on skids. No matter what the reason, CWI has a solution for your compressed air needs.

Temporary Sand Systems

CWI can have a single spot sanding station onsite and operational within 24 hours. CWI has developed a complete stand alone Temporary Sand system that attaches to a sand trailer and provides sand to a portable Sanding Spot tank equipped with (2) two sanding wands. Each sand wand is capable of delivering sand at 1 cu.ft./min.